Robert Arcand, Costa Rica Real Estate Professionals

Robert Arcand

Areas Serviced : Costa Rica

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Cell Phone : 8322-7306
Office Phone : 2643-0055
US/CAN : 321-252-6373

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Meet Robert

Born north of Montreal Canada, starting to move to Costa Rica 20years ago to follow further on my career in Real Estate with an established franchised system in Jaco Beach, after market analysis i decided to leave and further go independent purchasing an independent Realty office in Jaco which is now 18 years old and provide successful real estate services in Central Pacific including Jaco Beach Playa Hermosa and Los Suenos resort in Herradura. With Years of good real estate business and the support of my Family and my team, i need more challenges and decided opened 3 more real estate in strategic location to bring the CRPR Realty Group from Jaco Beach office know counts Manuel Antonio to the south Central pacific, Santa Teresa to the north of Puntarenas Province along with the Nicoya peninsula/gold coast area and finally the Escazu office area covering the entire Central Valley. The Costa Rica Real Estate group now counts 15 hard working professional and dedicated realtors with a team of administrative personnel, SEO & IT Technical Department to support all agents in their daily duties. A constant development of our group of real estate called the CRPR Group is constantly growing at a fast pace with a constant updating of our industry to stay at the top of our customer needs. CRPR Group is among one of the largest real estate in Costa Rica proudly being at the service of our clients! Always open to investment, growth and productivity, we open our doors to anyone, colleague’s buyers and sellers, wanting to either develop a career with us or invest in the paradise that Costa Rica is or the future of our great group of companies.

Marc Debondues, Costa Rica Real Estate Professionals

Marc Debondues

Areas Serviced : Jaco

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Cell Phone : 8952-7735
Office Phone : 2643-0055

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Born in Belgium and settled in Costa Rica for 10 years. I am active in real estate since 2012. My multi-cultural education (French - Dutch) and polyglot, give me the facility to handle negotiations between people of different cultures.

Barbara Mceachern, Costa Rica Real Estate Professionals

Barbara Mceachern

Areas Serviced : Jaco

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Cell Phone : 8777-7261
Office Phone : 2643-0055
US/CAN : 604-484-9466

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Meet Barbara

Barbara was born and raised in Ottawa and later moved to a small town South of the City known as Kemptville.   "I love my community" says Barbara, which is the biggest reason for starting a career in Real Estate. "its easy to do what you love doing." Barbara says when asked if she finds the market tough. Barbara loves bringing new people into her community and helping existing residents find the perfect home. With over 20 years working in the industry, Barbara has helped hundreds of families find what they are looking for. 
On top of her busy career and family life, she still finds time to volunteer on a regular basis with local groups as well organizing an annual Volleyball funraiser.

Barbara's most recent adventure has taken her to Costa Rica. She's been working/learning for 4 years now. "it's been an adventure, that's for sure"she says when asked how she's doing. she explains her formula like this "I love my job so much and I fell in love with Costa Rica many years ago, It just felt natural to set my sights on doing what I love where I love." Barbara contiues to service her local Canadian clients, now she can offer: International investment opportunities, retirement options and vacation advice. "working from another country these days is easy" as Barbara explains how she does it. "I have good 'feet on the ground' as I call them, a trusted group of colleagues that are able to meet with clients and show my listings. The internet communication these days, takes the miles off." I've successfully negotiated and closed on deals from both countries. It takes planning and most important, is to know where you're going". Setting goals for herself and her clients makes Barbara a valued asset to work with.

Watch as Barbara opens new doors and we re-write her bio to include: mission work in Costa Rica, A family Living complex that is affordable and fun. Finding ways in dealing with the growing number of Mature Adults. Barbara has spent years working with Sellers, Buyers,investors etc. and now she will take the opportunity to create what her clients want!

Diego Builes, Costa Rica Real Estate Professionals

Diego Builes

Areas Serviced : Jaco

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Cell Phone : 8420-7967
Office Phone : 2643-0055
US/CAN : 347-603-2519

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Meet Diego

With a self imposed role to Practice the Basics every day, as an Active Participant in sharing to help others to learn, and  to live by the Spirit to Serve Basics,  to learn them, Know them and Show them, using a personal touch, Diego's customers feel welcome and appreciated by personalizing meetings , by watching and listening to customer's preferences, records them and act upon when possible on opportunities  to do more than is asked, and going the extra mile to make them feel special .

Lee Dickson, Costa Rica Real Estate Professionals

Lee Dickson

Areas Serviced : Quepos Manuel Antonio

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Cell Phone : 6171-9814
Office Phone : 2643-0055

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Meet Lee

While being a commercial fishermen for 15 years in Alaska and Russia I was able to enjoy the country of Costa rica and its beautiful people in my offtime.

After many years of commercial Real Estate for Windermere, I made the decision to move to Costa Rica full time, with 3 plus years of luxury Real estate in Los Suenos, and now with the tremendous opportunity of running the newly Rebranded CRPR Manuel antonio office.

With the remodeled airport, new Marina and highly educated and staffed hospital we are poised to take care of most all Real Estate needs and services.

Jackeline Muñoz, Costa Rica Real Estate Professionals

Jackeline Muñoz

Areas Serviced : Jaco

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Cell Phone : 8322-7306
Office Phone : 2643-0055
US/CAN : 321-252-6373

Luis Mora, Costa Rica Real Estate Professionals

Luis Mora

Areas Serviced : Santa Teresa

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Cell Phone : 8854-2984
Office Phone : 2643-0055